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PCB circuit board production up to 30 layers

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MARVELPCB Ltd. is PCB circuit board fabrication expert in China especial for prototype PCB production. We offer different material such as FR4, AL, Rogers, Cu based, CEM 1, CEM 3; thickness from 0.4 mm to 4.0 mm; Cu up to 10 oz; Production capability is up to 30 layers HDI;impedance control; blink,bury holes production.
PCB boards are ready to sent within 24 hours. Quality is 100% satisfied. We are the best partner of R&D electronics designer, circuit designer and many institution students.

Multi-layer PCBs expert

Strict QC control

ALL PCB pass 9 IQC, 2 AOI, 2 FQC and FQA, 100% E-test,thermal shock test,solder-ability test

Wide varity Hi-End PCB production

MATERIAL: FR4,AL base, Rogers, Cu base, Rigid & flex board, CEM1, CEM3, 22F,FR1
Multilayer: 1 to 30 layers HDI
Cu thickness : up to 10 oz
Finsihing: HAL, Pb FREE HAL, OSP, ENIG,IMM SILVER,IMM TIN, Hard GOLD, Pb free HAL + Selective IMM ENIG, IMM GOLD + Selective OSP, ENIPIG

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PCB orders /month
800 +
AL PCB orders /month
250 +
SMT stencil orders /month
0 %
On-time Guaranteed

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  • Fulfill complex PCB production,
  • Guaranteed PCB quality,
  • Guaranteed On-time delivery​​,
  • Strict quality control,
  • No Setup, E-test, solder mask,silkscreen charge,
  • Low PCBs cost,
  • 24/7 customers focus​​​,