Quality stencil price as low as USD 20

7 Advantages of sourcing SMT stencil from MARVELPCB

  • Quality SMT laser-cut
  • stencil with 304 stainless steel material.
  • Stencil ready to sent within 24 hours
  • Cost effective
  • Smooth aperture walls for various components size
  • Aluminium framed or frameless stencil available
  • Different standard size available
  • Customers focus

Following is our standard size of aluminium framed laser stencil. For frameless SMT stencil, please select “customs” from “SIZE” drop-down box. Email to sales@marvelpcb.com if having question

Reliable. Affordable.

Strict QC control

ALl PCB pass 9 IQC, 2 AOI, 2 FQC and FQA, 100% E-test,thermal shock test,solder-ability test

Complex PCB production

Blind& bury holes, impedance control board production up to 30 layers. Rigid & flex board,2 layers AL PCB production.

24/7 customers focused

Experienced engineer serve you on 24/7.

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