Guaranted quality PCB

Technical capability

Reliable. Affordable.

PCB prototype to volume order accepted. Cost as low as USD 20.

Strict QC control

ALl PCB pass 9 IQC, 2 AOI, 2 FQC and FQA, 100% E-test,thermal shock test,solder-ability test

Complex PCB production

Blind& bury holes, impedance control board production up to 30 layers. Rigid & flex board,2 layers AL PCB production.

24/7 customers focused

Experienced engineer serve you on 24/7.

PCB circuit board production up to 30 layers

MARVELPCB Ltd. is PCB circuit board fabrication expert in China especial for prototype PCB production. We offer different material such as FR4, AL, CEM 1, CEM 3; thickness from 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm; Production capability is up to 30 layers;impedance control; blink,bury holes production.
PCB boards are ready to sent within 2 days. Quality is 100% satisfied. We are the best partner of R&D electronics designer, circuit designer and many institution students.

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