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PCB design advice

Orders File Types
1, PCB files (support Protel series software, AD series software and PADS software);
2, Gerber files; state clear the layer type such as TOP, BOT. Multilayer layers stack structure should be clear stated on layer file name. Internal layer must be stated negative or positive design.

Production requirements
1, the silkscreen: circuit board silkscreen width not less than 0.15mm, silkscreen height cannot be less than 0.8mm (as shown parameters), the ideal aspect ratio of 1: 5. If this parameter is less than requested MARVELPCB will not do the silkscreen size adjustment, which may be due to serious silkscreen unclear. The company will not be accepted because the design does not comply with the rules resulting from the silkscreen of such complaints is not clear. silkscreen is not allowed on the pad, the distance of silkscreen and pad is not less than 7mill.

2, the substrate FR-4: glass cloth – epoxy resin coated copper plate. MARVELPCB uses KB Kingboard A grade material, copper 99.9% of the copper, finished surface copper thickness of conventional 35um (1OZ), thickness of 0.4mm-2.0mm, tolerance of ± 10%

1. The minimum line width: 6mil (0.153mm). That is, if the line width is less than 6mil will not be produced, (the minimum line width from the inner plywood is 8MIL) if conditions permit design, design bigger the better, since a large width, the better the production plant, the higher yield general design general this is very important about 10mil, the design must consider
2. Minimum line spacing: 6mil (0.153mm). Min.Trace.Spacing is the line-to-line, line-to-pad distance not less than 6mil from the production point of view, the bigger the better, in general routine 10mil, of course, under the design conditions, the bigger the better this is very important, design must consider
3. line to the contour line spacing 0.508mm (20mil)

Via hole
1. Minimum aperture: 0.3mm (12mil)
2. Minimum vias (VIA) pore size of not less than 0.3mm (12mil), the pads can not be less than unilateral 6mil (0.153mm), preferably more than 8mil (0.2mm) Any large is very important at this point, the design must consider
3. vias (VIA) hole to hole spacing (hole edge to hole edge) is not less than: 6mil preferably greater than 8mil this point is very important, the design must consider
4, to outline pad pitch 0.508mm (20mil)

1, depending on the size of your plug-hole components to be, but it must be greater than your pin components, we recommend a minimum of 0.2mm or more greater than 0.6mm means that the components of the pin, you have a minimum of 0.8mm is designed to prevent processing tolerances cause difficulty inserted,
2, the plug-hole (PTH) unilateral outer pads not be less than 0.2mm (8mil) Of course, the bigger the better this is very important, the design must consider.
3. Plug-hole (PTH) hole to hole spacing (hole edge to hole edge) is not less than: 0.3mm bigger the better, of course this is very important, the design must consider
4. pads to the contour line spacing 0.508mm (20mil).

Plug-hole window, SMD unilateral windows can not be less than 0.1mm (4mil)

A silkscreen width can not be less than 0.153mm (6mil), silkscreen height can not be less than 0.811mm (32mil), the ratio of height to width ratio is preferably 5 for the relationship to say, word width 0.2mm silkscreen height of 1mm.

Nonmetallic Slots
The minimum distance of nonmetallic Slots is not less than 1.6mm.

1. routing spacing is not less than 1.6mm (thickness 1.6mm). V-CUT panel is 0.5mm gap clearance, working marginal size is usually 5mm
2. V-cut direction must be greater than 8cm, V-cut width must be less than 32cm
3. V cut can only cut a straight line, because the board outline reasons, if it could not cut a straight line, it can be added connecting Stamps holes.

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